A Pom-pom Wreath


This polystyrene ring is decorated with compact tied-on pom-poms. Each pom-pom is made from acrylic yarn on a pom-pom tool.

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A Pom-pom Wreath
A Pom-pom Wreath

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    How to do it
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    Cut a piece of yarn to your chosen length and double it over. This is to be used for tying the pom-pom at the end. Place this doubled-over piece of yarn on the tool as illustrated. Now wind the yarn from the ball approx. 100 times around the widest of the two forks of the tool. (NB: this tool enables you to make pom-poms in two different sizes, dictated by the narrow or wide fork).
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    Tie the doubled-over piece of yarn tightly around the wound bundle of wool.
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    Cut the yarn open on one side of the tool. The tool has a deep groove all the way around to allow room for the blade of the scissors.
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    Tighten the doubled-over piece of yarn again and cut the yarn open on the other side of the tool. Tighten one more time and finish with a couple of double knots.
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    Trim the pom-pom to make it as round as possible. (Leave two of the long yarn ends for tying and cut off the other two yarn ends).
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    Tie each pom-pom onto the polystyrene ring until it is covered according to your taste.
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