A Pom-Pom Pixie with Silk Clay and Pipe Cleaners with Beads


This pixie's body, arms and legs are made from acrylic yarn on a pom-pom maker and pipe cleaners. The hands and feet are modelled from Silk Clay which is also used for covering a small polystyrene ball for the head. Beads are threaded onto pipe cleaner legs and all limbs are bent, enabling the pixie to sit. This pixie is holding a pipe cleaner heart in his hands.

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A Pom-Pom Pixie with Silk Clay and Pipe Cleaners with Beads
A Pom-Pom Pixie with Silk Clay and Pipe Cleaners with Beads

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    How to do it
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    Open a pom-pom maker and wind the acrylic yarn several times around each part of the two-part pom-pom maker as illustrated.
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    Close the pom-pom maker around two pipe cleaners.
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    Cut open the yarn along the groove between the two discs. Tie a piece of yarn in the groove a couple of times and then tighten. Finish with a double knot.
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    Remove the pom-pom maker and trim the pom-pom with a pair of scissors.
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    Head: Cover a polystyrene ball with Silk Clay and make Silk Clay ears, eyes, nose and mouth.
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    Decorate two of the four pipe cleaner with beads. Model hands and feet from Silk Clay which are pressed onto the pipe cleaners as illustrated.
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    Glue the head onto the pom-pom using a glue gun.
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    Hat: Print and cut out the template which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea and copy the template onto a piece of felt. Cut out and assemble the hat either by sewing with tacking stitches or by glueing. Glue the finished hat onto the head. A TIP: Attach a piece of string onto the hat for hanging the figure.
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