A macramé Santa hanging decoration


Make Santa using the macramé knot technique around a small wooden ring using cotton twine. Small wooden beads are used for the pom-pom at the top of the hat.

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A macramé Santa hanging decoration
A macramé Santa hanging decoration

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    How to do it
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    Cut 10 pieces of white cotton twine each measuring 30 cm. Cut 7 pieces of red cotton twine, each measuring 30 cm. Finally cut a 60 cm piece of red cotton twine.
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    Braid all the pieces of cotton twine around the wooden ring as shown in the photo. The long red piece of cotton twine must be in the middle.
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    Place the template which is available as a separate PDF file on this page onto an underlay which you can push pins into. Secure the wooden ring with a couple of pins and start braiding the white beard as shown. Divide the cords into 5 equal bunches with 4 cords in each. The two cords in the middle are the "middle cord" and the two outside cords are "braiding cords". See the braiding illustration on the template. Tie a know on all five bunches.
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    Divide the cords so that you braid with cords from each side. See the dots in the template; each dot equals a braiding knot. Trim the ends when you have finished braiding the beard.
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    Turn over and start working with the red pieces of cotton twine. Divide the cotton twine into 5 bunches; only two pieces of cotton twine at each of the outer sides and 4 pieces of cotton twine in the 3 bunches in the middle as shown in the photo. Make two macramé knots in the 3 middle bunches. Now make macramé knots for every dot in the template.
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    Take the second outer piece of cotton twine and wrap it twice around the other piece of cotton twine as shown in the photo. Now take the next piece of cotton twine and wind it around the first two pieces of cotton twine.
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    Continue until you have reached the point. Repeat this procedure on the other side.
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    Gather all the ends by making two macramé knots around all the pieces of cotton twine with the last two ends.
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    Trim all the ends except the two longest pieces of cotton twine.
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    Thread wooden beads onto the two pieces of red cotton twine and finish with a knot for hanging.
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