A Leather Bracelet with faceted Beads and Nylon Fishing Line Cord


A bracelet made from a doubled over leather cord and a nylon fishing line cord with metallic, faceted bead, tied around the leather cord. A crystal bead at one end and loop made at the other end as a fastener. Tie the bracelet twice around the wrist.

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1.   Cut a piece of 2mm leather cord measuring approx. 110cm and double it over. Tie a knot at one end (i.e. the middle of the leather cord) creating a loop. The size of the loop should correspond to the size of the crystal bead. Now secure the loop onto the top of the clip board and secure both opposite ends of the leather cord at the bottom of the clip board.
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2.   Cut a piece of nylon fishing line cord measuring approx. 210cm. Double it over and place the middle of this nylon fishing line cord on the clip board underneath the leather cord knot. There are now two equal length ends of nylon fishing line cord on either side of the doubled-over leather cord knot. Place a faceted bead between the two leather cords and pass each end of the nylon fishing line cord over each leather cord and then through the hole of the bead from opposite ends – and finally back to the starting point underneath the leather cords.
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3.   Tighten each side of the nylon fishing line cord and push the faceted bead into place. Continue the process with a new bead until the bracelet has reached the desired length. NB: in this example where the bracelet is meant to go around the wrist twice, continue the procedure until the bracelet is 35cm long.
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4.   When the bracelet has reached the desired length, secure the nylon fishing line cord with two or three double knots.
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5.   Assemble all four cords with a tight knot. Cut off the nylon fishing line cords as close to the knot as possible. Cut off the leather cords approx. 1.5cm after the nylon fishing line cords.
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