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A knitted Octopus with a Satin Ribbon Bow Tie


Make an octopus from knitted tube and decorate it with wooden buttons for eyes and a satin ribbon bow tie. The knitted tube is knitted on a knitting mill.

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A knitted Octopus with a Satin Ribbon Bow Tie
A knitted Octopus with a Satin Ribbon Bow Tie

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    How to do it
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    Knit approx. 12 meters of knitted tube on a knitting mill, equivalent to approx. One ball of wool.
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    Shape a ball from approx. 25 g polyester stuffing for the octopus's head.
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    Wrap wool around the ball of polyester stuffing until the white polyester stuffing is completely covered. You will need approx. 25 g of wool for an 8 cm diameter ball.
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    Secure the end with a yarn needle.
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    Cut the knitted tube into 15 pieces each measuring approx. 80 cm. Arrange them in a row and sew the pieces of knitted tube together in the same row of stitches ensuring a uniform finish. Start from the middle.
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    Sew a 15 cm section together in the middle. Secure and trim.
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    Arrange the knitted tube section around the ball and secure with a piece of wool.
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    Sew the knitted tube section together in the sides, covering the ball completely.
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    Trim the octopus' arms to the same length. Pick up the four stitches at the ends of all of the pieces of knitted tube using a yarn needle. Secure the ends.
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    Plait the octopus's arms.
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    Sew the three ends together with a yarn needle so the plait doesn't unravel.
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    Sew on wooden buttons for the eyes.
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    Tie satin ribbon around the octopus's neck.
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