A keyring fob made from coiled knitted tube


Make your own keyring fobs from coils made from knitted tube. The knitted tube is made on a knitting mill using baby merino wool. It is then sewn together into circular coils and attached onto a keyring with a chain. Googly eyes are sewn on at the end.

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1   Knit 35-40 metres of knitted tube on the knitting mill. One ball of wool gives 13 metres of knitted tube.
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2   Pick up the four stitches onto a yarn needle at the end that comes out of the knitting mill last. Feed the excess yarn through the loop of the yarn needle and feed the yarn needle through all four stitches. Tie a knot and secure the end.
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3   Start the spiral coil from the other end of the knitted tube. Push the yarn needle through the first stitch at the end of the knitted tube, which will now be the spiral coil's middle. Now count 2-3 rows straight up on the knitted tube and push the needle through a stitch. Pull and tighten. Sew from the 'wrong' side.
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4   Repeat by pushing the needle through the first stitch at one end of the knitted tube and then through another stitch 2-3 rows further up the knitted tube relative to the place where the needle was pushed through during the previous step. Pull and tighten. Now a small circle is taking shape.
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5   Continue to sew the knitted tube together into a coil shape around the small circle. Make sure that the circle remains flat and doesn't twist. Secure the end of the wool. Sew a keyring with a chain onto the knitted tube coil end and sew on googly eyes with holes for sewing on.
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Another variant   Combine a coil made from 20 cm knitted tube with a small piece of knitted tube measuring 10-11 cm. Sew them together to make a snail. A long piece of knitted tube may easily be cut into smaller pieces as long as the cut ends are secured like in step 2.
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Another variant   Combine four coils and a small piece of knitted tube to make a butterfly. Make two coils each from a piece of 18 cm knitted tube, two coils each from a piece of 12 cm knitted tube and a straight 7 cm piece of knitted tube. Sew the coils onto the straight piece of knitted tube and add googly antennae.
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