A homemade envelope closed with a waxed seal


Make your own envelope from paper, using a scoring board. The envelope is sealed with DMC metallic gold thread and a wax seal.

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A homemade envelope closed with a waxed seal
A homemade envelope closed with a waxed seal

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    How to do it
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    Cut a square piece of paper measuring 21 x 21 cm.
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    Study the table on the right of the scoring board. A 21 x 21 cm piece of paper can be made into an envelope that fits a 10.2 x 15.3 cm greeting card.
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    Place the paper along the scale on the left. The lower edge must be placed at 8.8. Score in the groove diagonally. Repeat at the other side.
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    Turn the paper 90° and let the scored line be a extension of the Score Guide. Score again along the diagonal line as shown in the photo. Repeat this procedure on the last side, scoring a total of four times.
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    Cut notches using the supplied paper punch where the lines cross. Round the corners using the same paper punch as shown in the photo. Fold the envelope; i.e. the sides first and then the top and the bottom at the end.
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    Wrap DMC metallic gold thread around the envelope. Secure the ends of the thread with pieces of masking tape as shown in the photo.
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    Light the sealing wax stick and drip wax onto the back of the envelope to seal it.
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    Push the seal into the wax. Don't remove the seal until the wax has hardened.
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