A Dream Catcher made from a Metal Ring wound with Cotton Yarn, waxed Cotton Cord and decorated with Feathers


This dream catcher is a metal ring, wound all the way around with cotton yarn. The yarn is also used for hanging decorated with a bead and for three pendants at the bottom, each of which are decorated with a bead and a feather respectively. Waxed cotton cord is used for 'weaving' inside the ring.

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1   Wind the yarn tightly all the way around the metal ring. Tie the two ends together with a knot when they meet.
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2   Divide the ring, for example, into six equal sections and make a small ball of cotton yarn. Tie the yarn at each point and weave from one point to the next.
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3   Another example
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4   Continue round the ring and work towards the middle, one section to the next in the middle of each string – under and over respectively. Remember to tighten as you go along.
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5   Another example
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6   Pull the yarn up in the middle, tie a knot and trim. A TIP: You may put a blob of glue onto the knot to make sure that the yarn end is kept in place.
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7   Pendants on the dream catcher: Cut three pieces of yarn and tie them at three points between two sections. Thread a bead onto each piece of yarn and finish with 2-3 knots. Trim the excess ends.
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8   Decorate the pendants. Push a blob of glue inside each bead and attach a feather inside the bead. Leave to dry. Hanging: Cut a piece of cord, tie it onto the top of the ring and thead on a bead.
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