A DIY Wedding Explosion Box


Make your very own explosion box as a wedding decoration. The explosion box contains surprises which are revealed when opened. It can be used for a menu card, a small present, a poem, a message, a place card with a song etc. It is cut from recycled card and is filled with decorations made from lace patterned card, glitter design paper etc.

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A DIY Wedding Explosion Box
A DIY Wedding Explosion Box

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    How to do it
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    Print the templates from the separate PDF file available on this page. Cut out the templates and place them onto a piece of recycled card and cut out.
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    Use a bone folder for scoring the lines on the templates and fold the box along the score lines.
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    When the score lines are folded, the box and lid look like this.
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    Cut lace patterned card for decorating the outer sides of the box.
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    Attach the pieces of lace patterned card using double-sided adhesive tape.
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    Punch out different sized hearts from gold, glitter design, lace patterned and off-white card.
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    Cut pieces of card for attaching onto the inside of the box. Punch out a heart prior to attaching the pieces of card.
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    Assemble the lid. Punch out two different sizes of hearts and attach them onto the assembled lid.
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    Cut a piece of card to fit the inside of the box lid. Make holes in the card and feed pieces of gold thread through the holes. Glue punched-out hearts in pairs on at the end of each piece of gold thread.
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    Attach double-sided adhesive tape over the thread ends and along the edges on the other side of the card . Attach the card inside the box lid.
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    Print text on the middle section of a piece of off-white paper. Fold it in three sections, roll it into a tube and tie it together with a ribbon.
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    Decorate the hearts with glitter design paper and rhinestones.
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