A Dinosaur Skeleton covered with Silk Clay


These wooden self-assembly dinosaur skeletons are covered with Silk Clay. Plastic eyes with thread are then pushed onto the head.

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A Dinosaur Skeleton covered with Silk Clay
A Dinosaur Skeleton covered with Silk Clay

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    How to do it
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    Assemble the skeleton using the instructions on the packaging.
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    Roll Silk Clay in your chosen colour out flat, in order to cover a large area of the dinosaur at a time.
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    Place several flat pieces of Silk Clay onto the skeleton, covering it completely. Smooth out at the joints.
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    Make a red tongue and white teeth from Silk Clay. Push an eye onto each side of the head. Leave to dry.
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    A TIP: Make fact sheets about the individual dinosaur. Write text with a white Uni Posca marker on black card. Glue on a printed photo of the species. Use the internet.
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