A decorative plate from self-hardening clay with a glazed effect


Make your own decorative plates from white self-hardening clay. Decorate with a glazed effect made from Plus Color craft paint mixed with Pouring Fluid.

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1. Roll out the clay using two 8 mm round wooden sticks to achieve the same thickness of the plate. The clay must be min. 7 mm thick.
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2. Place the attached template on top of the clay and cut out.
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3. Remove the excess clay.
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4. Dip the modelling tool in water and smooth out the edge.
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5. Make a hole for hanging and leave to dry. Turn the plate over a couple of times whilst drying. A tip: If cracks appear in the clay bowl once dry, you can repair these by mixing a small amount of clay with a bit of water to form a creamy consistency. Fill the cracks with the mixture, preferably with a brush. Leave to dry. Any uneven areas on the plate can be sanded smooth with a sanding sponge or with fine sandpaper.
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6. Drying time is approx. 48 hours depending on the room temperature. You may place it near a heat source (radiator) for drying. Mix the glaze when the plate is completely dry. Mix Plus Color craft paint with Pouring Fluid. The mixing ratio is approx. 1 part paint to 4 parts of Pouring Fluid. The finished mixture must be runny. You may test on a piece of card. Mix an amount according to the size of the refillable plastic bottle. Pour the mxiture into the plastic bottle.
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7. Draw a wave on the plate with the mixture from the bottle.
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8. Fill in the top part of the plate with the paint and the Pouring Fluid mixture from the bottle.
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9. Hold the plate at an angle. Add drops of the paint mixture along the edges of the waves to make them run. Place the plate down flat when you want to stop the paint running.
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