School acrylic paint neon


School acrylic paint neon

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  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Blue
  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Yellow
  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Orange
  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Red
  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Pink
  • 1 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Green
  • 6 Bottle, 500 ml, Neon Colours

Semi-transparent, water-based acrylic paint in neon colours. Suitable as poster paint as well as on many other white and absorbent surfaces

The paint can be applied with a brush and dabbed or rolled on surfaces with stencils and foam rollers. Rinse tools in lukewarm water after use

This matte paint has been developed especially for children's artworks on white paper, card and cardboard, which makes it popular for poster painting. It's also suitable for other light surfaces such as painting boards, plaster, pulp, polystyrene, pieces of cotton wool, white plastic face masks (with velour surface), light terracotta etc. The more absorbent the surface, the more the colours cover. When applied on dark or coloured surfaces the colours will be appear less bright, as the paint cannot achieve full coverage. The matte surface of the paint also makes it ideal for painting stage sets, e.g. kraft paper mounted on wooden frames. A super popular paint for children in schools, institutions and at home. The paint's A eco-label rating is your assurance that the product meets extra stringent requirements regarding environmental impact and potential harmful effects in both children and adults.

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SeasonBasic craft
Ean nummer5707167881736
Retail quantity 1 bottle
Content quantity 500 ml
Colourneon blue
Warning. Small parts. Choking hazard. Use under supervision of an adult.
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