School acrylic paint metallic


School acrylic paint metallic

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Water-based metallic paint - beautiful gloss colours - suitable for almost any clean, dry, non-greasy surface. Can be mixed with each other. Brushes clean with lukewarm water .

The paint can be applied with a brush, sponge, foam rollers, stencils or other tools. When you're finished, it's a good idea to rinse the tools in warm water.

This paint has been specially developed for children and can be used on card, brown kraft paper and ordinary white paper. This is why it's also called poster paint. The paint is also suitable for other light surfaces such as paint boards, plaster, pulp, polystyrene, cotton wool, white plastic face masks with a velour surface, light terracotta etc. The more absorbent the surface, the more intense the metallic/pearl effect. When the product is applied on dark or coloured surfaces the colours will be slightly less bright, as the paint will not be 100% opaque. A really popular paint for children in schools, institutions and at home. The paint has an environmental A label, which means that you can use the product safe in the knowledge that it meets requirements for minimal environmental impact and no harmful effects in children and adults.

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SeasonBasic craft
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Surface Finish metallic
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