A Card Series with a Satin Waist Band and Handmade Paper Inserts

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This invitation is a tri-fold cover with inside pockets, made from patterned Color Bar paper, decorated with rhinestone half-pearls and satin ribbon for two handmade paper inserts with text. Use Color Bar card for the menu and place card.

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Invitation – the tri-fold cover: fold a piece of A4 Color Bar paper horizontally, 5.7cm from the edge. Unfold.
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Make a 9.5cm wide section from each vertical side. These folded sections need to be very precise. Unfold.
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Attach double-sided adhesive tape at the bottom and both sides of each section. Fold the lower half of the card upwards and secure. Now a “pocket” has been created.
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From the red handmade greeting card cut – from each side – two pieces with a width of 10 and 7cm respectively. Use these pieces as inserts in the tri-fold card.
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Print out the template, which is available as a separate PDF file for this idea. Cut out and transfer onto a piece of red Color Bar card. Cut out two large ovals using an art knive.
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Use the small oval as a template when cutting out the printed headings on white paper.
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Attach a piece of white paper (intended for writing the text) onto each of the red card inserts using double-sided adhesive tape. Adjust the white pieces of paper to a slightly smaller size (see photo) to fit onto the inserts. Use double-sided adhesive tape for attaching the red card ovals at the top of the inserts.
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Make another two red card ovals with headings printed on white paper. Attach one of the ovals onto the front of the right handside section of the tri-fold card. Attach the other oval onto the very front cover of the tri-fold card. (NB: in that way the paper's logo remains covered up).
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Decorate the front of the tri-fold card with adhesive rhinestone half-pearls. Tie a piece of satin ribbon around the card as a “waist band”.
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Menu card: cut a 9.5 x 26cm piece of card and score across the middle using a bone folder. Cut out the card oval together with the printed heading and menu. Attach these to the front of the menu card using double-sided adhesive tape.
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Place card: Cut out a large card oval. Use double-sided adhesive tape to attach the printed name. Cut out slightly smaller than the red card oval. Make a stand from a rectangular doubled-over piece of card. Attach to the card oval.
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As an alternative you may make a napkin ring from a 3.5 x 16cm piece of red card. Attach the oval with the text onto the assembled napkin ring.
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