Plus Color Marker


Plus Color Marker

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High-quality, water-based, full-coverage marker with pump tip. Suitable for all kinds of surfaces. Dries silky matte to match the corresponding colour in the Plus Color craft paint range.

To use, shake the marker vigorously and then gently press down on the tip a few times to get the paint to start flowing. To replace the felt tip: First time: Grasp the felt tip, carefully pull it out, turn it over and push it straight back in. Next time, replace it with the extra tip in the cap. On surfaces where there is a risk of the colour bleeding out (e.g. untreated wood), we recommend that you paint the surface beforehand for razor-sharp results .

The slightly rounded tip and opaque colours provide plenty of opportunities for decoration on painted and varnished surfaces, but also on paper, card, wood, metal, stone, etc. As a special feature, each marker has a matching identical colour in the Plus Color craft paint range. This provides some very special opportunities for a beautiful and harmonious combination of paint and markers on all kinds of surfaces. The extra felt tip in the cap gives the marker a longer lifetime and is easy to replace. In fact, you can change the felt tip a whole four times, as each felt tip is the same at both ends. The Plus Color marker's A eco-label rating is your assurance that the product meets extra stringent requirements regarding environmental impact and potential harmful effects in both children and adults.

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