Colortime colour pencils


Colortime colour pencils

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Thick, triangular coloured pencils that make colouring in child's play.

These coloured pencils are a true classic when it comes to drawing, writing and embellishing. Their thick ergonomic handles help ensure you get the best results – and you can even use them on rough and absorbent surfaces, from cardboard to shrink plastic sheets. Note also that these coloured pencils have an A eco-label, which means that they meet extra stringent requirements regarding environmental impact and potential harmful effects in children and adults.

Coloured pencils like these can lead to a multitude of colourful projects:.

  • Let the children make wonderful drawings and cover the fridge with their colourful works of art
  • Immerse yourself in an adult colouring book and feel how de-stressing it is to colour in a motif
  • Draw on shrink plastic sheets and create colourful figures that you can use on key rings, necklaces and earrings, for example

Coloured pencils are a hit when you want to add some colour to your everyday life. Armed with some coloured pencils, both you and your children can colour in all kinds of drawings effortlessly – because the ergonomic grip of the coloured pencils ensures hours of creative development without a single hand cramp. Many children love to colour because it sparks their imagination, creativity and concentration – as well as being the perfect indoor activity on dreary rainy days. But adults can also get a lot out of colouring with coloured pencils. It can help to relieve stress and there is an almost therapeutic effect to watching how the colours unfold on paper. Colortime coloured pencils are something the whole family can enjoy – they invite the user to many hours of creative quality time. If you’re looking for more crayons, we have a wide selection on our website. Here you will find coloured pencils in different sizes, thicknesses and in all the colours of the rainbow

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SeasonBasic craft
Composite characteristicscharacteristics: JUMBO
Ean nummer5707167160411
Retail quantity 12 pc
Content quantity 12 pc
L 17,45 cm
lead 5 mm
Colour purple
Warning. Small parts. Choking hazard. Use under supervision of an adult.
Safety Data Sheet
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