Recycled envelope


Recycled envelope

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Eco-friendly envelope made from beautiful recycled paper. Use it for all the sweet letters, congratulatory cards, and invitations you need to send.

The recycled paper envelope has a raw look and is therefore suitable for festive occasions that require a natural and minimalistic design. It comes with a moisture-rubbered envelope closure, which you moisten and seal. Remember, if you want to make sure that your homemade card fits the envelope, subtract 1 cm from the perimeter of your card.

Make your envelope extra pretty, stylish or festive to match its contents:.

  • For example, give a decorative hint about a christening by tying a light blue or pink bow around the envelope
  • Give a hint about a wedding invitation by writing your initials using halfpearls glued to the envelope
  • Give a hint about a birthday party by drawing balloons and flags on the outside of the envelope using coloured pencils 
  • Give a hint about a golden wedding anniversary by painting small, delicate hearts on the entire envelope with a gold marker

Are handwritten letters experiencing a renaissance? Because they make the loving greeting more personal – but a well-written letter is nothing without a beautiful envelope. The envelope protects the important content, and there is just something cosy about opening an envelope containing a personal greeting that has travelled from one country to another. However, envelopes are especially used for invitations to birthday parties, weddings, christenings, and other festive events. The recycled paper envelope in particular is a hit, because it is made from recycled paper, has a natural look, and can easily be decorated. So even though many people currently communicate via e-mail and social media, there is something special about sending an old-fashioned letter in a beautiful, recycled paper envelope. Explore our wide range of envelopes and start writing all those letters and homemade cards that you want to send to family and friends.

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Ean nummer5707167167557
Gram weight 120 g
Retail quantity 1 pack
Content quantity 50 pc
envelope size 11,5x16 cm
Colour beige
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