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11588 Ice Cream Cones made from Papier-Mâché cones and Silk Clay

For the fun of it

When it is summer ... or when you just fancy something delicious to eat ... then it's time for ice cream cones. Papier-mâché cones with scoops and decorations made from Silk Clay are easy for everyone to make. Enjoy your meal.


Paint the papier-mâché cone with A-color matt. It is easy to make the waffle pattern on the cone with simple strokes using a flat and narrow brush.


Roll Silk Clay balls and press them down over the cone. You can add sprinkles or berries to the ice cream according to taste – but everything is made from Silk Clay. If you want to hang the cones, then make a hole for the string at the top of the cone before the Silk Clay dries. Let it dry for approx. 24 hours.
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Silk Clay® - Assortment, asstd. colors, Basic 2, 10x40 g
Silk Clay® - Assortment, asstd. colors, Basic 1, 10x40 g
Cones, H: 8 cm, 10 pcs
Cones, H: 8 cm, 10 pcs
From 3.44 €
(From 2.75 €)
Silk Clay® - Assortment, Basic 1, 20x40 g
Silk Clay®, 10x10 tubs
Silk Clay®, 10x10 tubs
210.09 €
(168.07 €)

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